We understand that breastfeeding can be difficult for some parents

Our Solution

We are an all-female-founded biotech startup aiming to remedy issues surrounding insufficient microbiome development in babies without access to breast milk. Our solution is a scientifically validated live biotherapeutic product containing 'good bacteria' sourced from breast milk donated by healthy mothers. Delivering this product to infants will facilitate the development of a robust microbiome, significantly decreasing the likelihood of developing chronic diseases in later life.

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Breast milk bacteria-based

Our product will contain a community of 'good bacteria' informed by rigorous scientific testing and characterisation of breast milk.

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Targeted delivery

Our product will be formulated and tested to ensure efficient delivery and colonisation of the infant's gut.

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Improved health outcomes

When breast milk is low in supply or unavailable, our product will deliver beneficial bacteria that are known to significantly improve health outcomes.