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BoobyBiome CEO Wins Innovate UK Women In Innovation Award

London, UK - March 8th, 2023

We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Dr Lydia Mapstone, has been awarded an Innovate UK Women In Innovation Award to develop a novel device to preserve and extend the shelf life of breast milk. This award is a significant recognition of Dr Mapstone’s commitment to supporting parents and improving infant health, alongside her team at BoobyBiome.

The Women In Innovation Award recognises the achievements of female entrepreneurs who are driving innovation and making a positive impact on society. The competition received 10% more applications then the previous year, with over 950 applicants from across the UK. In total, 50 prizes were given, with each winner receiving a £50,000 grant, Innovate UK EDGE business coaching and a range of training opportunities. Each winner is provided with this package of support for them to become inspiring role models for the next generation of female founders. Click here to see the other winners in the 2023 cohort and Dr Mapstone's profile.

The award funding will contribute to the development of BoobyBiome's novel device, which will use cutting-edge technology to preserve and extend the shelf life of breast milk for parents who express or pump their breast milk at home. The device will make it easier for new mothers to store milk, and ensure that breast milk remains safe and healthy for babies while helping to reduce waste. There is also scope for clinical use of this device in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), which store breast milk for vulnerable, preterm infants.

"This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, including the exceptional female scientists, engineers, and advisors who have contributed to BoobyBiome's success” said Dr Mapstone. “We also want to thank the many women who have donated their breast milk and helped drive our mission. I couldn't have won this award without them. We are committed to developing innovative solutions that improve infant health, and we are grateful for this opportunity to accelerate the development of our technology."

On International Women's Day, BoobyBiome acknowledges and celebrates the valuable contributions of women in science and innovation. We are committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace and the wider community and will continue to play our part in advancing this important cause.

About BoobyBiome

BoobyBiome is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving infant microbiome health and well-being. Our research focuses on developing evidence-based strategies to promote healthy microbial colonisation in infants and prevent common infant health issues. Our mission is to empower parents to make informed decisions about their infants' health and provide them with innovative tools to support their baby's development.

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