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BoobyBiome Chosen for Prestigious Innovate UK Microbials Accelerator Programme

London, 21/06/2023.

BoobyBiome, a leading company dedicated to infant health and parental empowerment, has been selected to participate in the competitive Innovate UK Microbials (Microbiome, Biofilms & Phage) Accelerator Programme. This exclusive programme, funded by Innovate UK and co-led by LYVA Labs and Bionow, in collaboration with CPI & iiCON, will provide BoobyBiome with extensive support and resources to advance their ground-breaking solution for babies with compromised microbiomes.

The programme includes a comprehensive training package, providing the BoobyBiome team with critical insights into market research, competitive analysis and product development tailored to BoobyBiome's unique needs. Additionally, the Accelerator will match BoobyBiome with industry mentors who will provide valuable guidance for their development journey and the opportunity to draft a 'mock' Biomedical Catalyst grant application for funding worth up to £1Million.

Upon securing BoobyBiome's place in the accelerator, their CEO, Dr. Lydia Mapstone, commented 'This accelerator is a excellent stepping stone for BoobyBiome and other UK microbiome companies to get the support they need to grow their business and connect up the UK microbiome network. Congrats to the other companies on the program, really looking forward to meeting you all and also learning from your journeys so far!'.

BoobyBiome's inclusion in this prestigious accelerator programme is a testament to their ground-breaking work and dedication to infant health. With the generous support and resources provided by Innovate UK, BoobyBiome is poised to make significant advancements in improving the well-being of babies without access to human breast milk.

About BoobyBiome:

BoobyBiome is a female-led company focused on empowering parents and enhancing the health of their babies by developing products for infants to improve their gut microbiome. With a team of passionate innovators, BoobyBiome is dedicated to delivering scientifically-validated bacteria products that promote proper immune system development and therefore redefining health outcomes for all babies.


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