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BoobyBiome Selected To Join Innovate UK's 'Design For Growth' Cohort.

[London, 11.07.23]

BoobyBiome, a leading company dedicated to infant microbiome health and parental empowerment, has secured a place in the prestigious Design for Growth programme. This national design coaching initiative, supported by Innovate Edge and funded by Innovate UK, aims to equip high-growth emerging businesses with the necessary design skills and knowledge to drive innovation and foster growth. BoobyBiome's exceptional growth potential and innovative approach led to their selection in the current cohort.

The Design for Growth programme offers selected businesses the unique opportunity to exploit design as a powerful tool to overcome challenges, explore new opportunities, and enhance their competitive edge. The package of support includes several training workshops which will cover a range of topics, from designing for sustainability to knowledge on rapid prototyping with customer-centric feedback.

In addition to the detailed workshop training, BoobyBiome will work closely with design coach Tom Inns, founder of Cofink. With a wealth of experience in leadership positions within cultural, education, and research organisations, Tom brings a deep understanding of design thinking and facilitation to the table. His expertise will guide BoobyBiome throughout the programme, helping them explore innovative strategies, leverage design principles effectively, and navigate the path to high impact growth.

BoobyBiome is thrilled to collaborate with Tom, whose profound understanding of design methodologies and systems thinking will provide invaluable insights and support throughout their participation in the programme. With his one-to-one guidance and the workshop resources provided, BoobyBiome is poised for significant growth and continued success in their mission to redefine infant health.

About BoobyBiome:

BoobyBiome is a female-led company focused on empowering parents and enhancing the health of their babies by developing products for infants lacking a healthy gut microbiome. With a team of passionate innovators, BoobyBiome is dedicated to delivering scientifically-validated products that redefine health outcomes for babies.


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