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Dr. Sioned Jones Awarded Prestigious Potts Medal for Exceptional Contributions to Chemistry

Dr. Sioned Fôn Jones, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of BoobyBiome, has been honoured with the prestigious Potts Medal for her outstanding contribution to Chemistry. The award was presented to her during a ceremony at the Victoria Gallery & Museum at the University of Liverpool, where she also delivered a captivating lecture on her journey to date.

Dr. Jones, an exceptional graduate of the University of Liverpool, earned first-class honours in Chemistry in 2017. Continuing her academic pursuit, she successfully completed a PhD in Biophysics at King's College London in 2022. Throughout her academic career, Dr Jones conducted groundbreaking research in the field of DNA origami nanotools. Her research has been published in several high-impact peer-reviewed journals and formed the basis of follow-on grants. Dr. Jones now joins the esteemed ranks of previous Potts Medal winners, such as Dr Timothy McCarthy, the Director of Pfizer, and Dr John Milton, the Chief Scientific Officer of Oxford Nanopore.

Expressing her delight, Dr, Jones said, "I am absolutely thrilled to have received the Potts Medal from the University of Liverpool! It was an incredible experience to stand before the academic community, co-founders, friends, and family and reflect on my journey from chemistry to biotech. I extend my sincerest appreciation to the University of Liverpool for their invaluable support and recognition."

The Potts Medal, named in honor of distinguished chemist Harold Edwin Potts, was reinstated in 2014 through a generous donation from alumni. Each year, members of ChemSoc make the selection, bestowing this prestigious award to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Chemistry.

BoobyBiome wholeheartedly thanks the organisers for curating a truly exceptional and memorable day of celebration!


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