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A probiotic supplement for premature babies that harnesses the power of 'good bacteria'.


We're a group of scientists who are passionate about confronting health challenges. We're on a mission to improve the health of babies.

We're developing an exciting new probiotic that can be used to nourish preterm babies. This provides the beneficial bacteria that babies need to thrive and build a healthy immune system. Inspired by cutting edge research and working alongside other scientific experts, we hope to revolutionise infant nutrition.


As a recently established start up, we're eager to hear from you. Whether you want to collaborate, share ideas or simply say 'hello!' please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.





Breast milk is great. We all know about its health benefits, but sometimes breastfeeding can be difficult for a wide range of reasons, especially in cases where babies are born prematurely.


Preterm babies are typically fed with formula feed or from donated breast milk that has been sterilised. Both of which are lacking  the beneficial bacteria that support a healthy immune system.


Unfortunately, these babies are more prone to health issues

than their breast-fed counterparts.

At BoobyBiome we understand that breastfeeding can be a sensitive and difficult issue for some women. We're therefore committed to ensuring that preterm babies get the best possible start in life.


A probiotic to make the closest possible substitute for breast milk.



Our proposed BoobyBiome probiotic will contain a diverse array of beneficial bacteria to help preterm babies. By providing the keystone beneficial bacteria found in breast milk we believe that BoobyBiome can help support baby's gut health and immune system. 




Do you ever get that ‘gut feeling?’ Your microbiome consists of the communities of bacteria which live on and in you. The bacteria living in your gut play an important role in supporting healthy immune, metabolic and digestive processes in the rest of your body.

Your microbiome is 'set up' during your earliest stages in life, as a baby, largely through breast feeding. In fact, 40% of the bacteria which inhabit your gut are introduced through your mother’s breast milk. These bacterial communities can have major implications on health later in life. This is why it's vital to make sure that the "right"bacteria are introduced at this crucial early stage. 

This is where BoobyBiome comes in. We intend to harness the 'power of microbiomes' so that you can be confident that with BoobyBiome your baby will stay happy and healthy.


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BoobyBiome uses specialist expertise and research to develop a probiotic supplement for preterm babies. We aim to promote healthy infant development by recreating the beneficial bacteria associated with breast milk.

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