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Breast Milk

Join our study.

Why is breast milk important?

Your breast milk contains unique and diverse bacterial communities that are crucial for your baby’s gut health and helps set the course for your baby’s growing immune system and metabolism. Non-breastfed babies, do not have access to these beneficial bacteria and can become more prone to health problems.

Donating milk is quick and simple

If you are interested in donating, please fill the form or send an email to Upon receipt, one of our team will brief you on the research study and breast milk collection process. If you are London-based, we can collect your donation from a location convenient for you. You will be gifted a £20 voucher as thanks from us!

We prioritise recruiting all parents, including those from same-sex couples, disabled individuals, and various socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, for donations and product design. This commitment ensures the development of inclusive and accessible solutions.

Commitment to diversity


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