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Boob to Biome

Our understanding of the breast milk microbiome drives our commitment to developing scientifically backed products to improve infant health.

Our dedication over the past five years to the analysis of breast milk bacteria has led to the establishment of the world's first breast milk microbiome database and biobank. The amassed wealth of knowledge has enabled us to develop products that will set a new standard for infant microbiome health and actively work to counter the global surge in microbiome-related diseases.

Do you store your breast milk?


Breast milk storage, made better.

Our product preserves the beneficial bacteria in stored breast milk and extends shelf-life for optimal infant gut development. It ensures both immediate microbiome integrity and long-term health benefits for infants. Coming soon!


A breast milk-based supplement

Our next-generation synbiotic will be a distinctive blend of live bacterial strains isolated from breast milk, ensuring every parent can provide their baby with a breast milk microbiome. 

Our product is in development and you can participate in our research! 


Breast milk bacteria for every baby.

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Commitment to Science

Our research and products are setting a new standard for quality and efficacy.

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