About Us


BoobyBiome was founded by an all-female team of scientists passionate about improving infant health. Founders Dr Lydia Mapstone, Dr Sioned Jones and Tara O'Driscoll have expertise at the forefront of clinical microbiome research (microbiology/chemistry/neuroscience), underpinned by world-class scientific advisors. Driven by bringing scientifically validated products to the wider population, the team are determined to disrupt the microbiome landscape and improve health prospects for the next generation.

Meet The Team

Lydia Mapstone

Dr Lydia Mapstone
CEO & Co-founder 

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Megan Powell
PM / Senior research assistant

Sioned Jones
Tara O'Driscoll

Dr Sioned Jones
COO & Co-founder 

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Colin Bennett

Tara O'Driscoll
CTO & Co-founder 

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Dr Mona Bajaj-Elliott
Scientific Advisor

Our Partners

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