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BoobyBiome Wins £100k Innovate UK Award after Microbials Accelerator participation.

London, 2nd May 2024 - BoobyBiome, a leading company in infant health, has secured a £100k Biomedical Catalyst Feasibility award from Innovate UK after participating in the LYVA Labs/BioNow Innovate UK Microbials Accelerator Programme. The extra funding enables the company to conduct further research on bacteria isolated from breast milk.

The Accelerator was aimed at SMEs developing microbiomes, biofilms, bacteriophages, and biotherapeutics. Out of 35 eligible companies, BoobyBiome was one of 24 selected to receive guidance from healthcare experts on scaling their products for manufacturing, designing clinical trials, and accessing NHS patients and clinicians. Only eleven companies, including BoobyBiome, then progressed to the next stage of the accelerator, receiving tailored mentoring on technology development, including state-of-the-art R&D support and the opportunity to apply for the £100k award.

Dr. Lydia Mapstone, CEO of BoobyBiome, commented, "The Microbials Accelerator was an incredible experience. Its support trickled down to all parts of our business - from providing us with networks to reach clinicians and investors, access to marketing materials, and great deals on lab equipment. Winning this grant is the cherry on top of a brilliant nine months.’’

Now, BoobyBiome will embark on their eight-month project to assess their bacteria's potential for actively improving the developing infant immune system and gut. This project represents a significant step forward in BoobyBiome's mission to revolutionise infant health.

About BoobyBiome:

BoobyBiome is dedicated to infant health, developing innovative solutions for babies without access to human breast milk. Their mission is to redefine infant health outcomes through scientifically validated bacteria products.



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