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Founders awarded UKRI BBSRC fellowships to continue breast milk analysis

Feb 2022. Sioned and Lydia have been awarded two UKRI BBSRC fellowships from the Doctoral Career Fund to continue with breast milk analysis at UCL. The funds will be used towards:

  1. Breast milk characterisation in Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) women.

  2. Shortlisting candidate bacteria strains using functionality tests

  3. Safety assurance of strains

  4. IP generation, underpinned by the development of a robust regulatory and product roadmap.

Dr Sioned, co-founder and COO, said "We are thankful for the continued support we have received during our PhDs from the BBSRC and the London Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme. This fellowship will catapult BoobyBiome's R&D towards the next milestone!"

Dr Lydia, co-founder and CEO, said "This fellowship will allow me to continue working on BoobyBiome in collaboration with UCL and become a leader in a historically underfunded area in need of novel treatments, with far-reaching beneficial impacts on a vulnerable population."


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